There is only unframed option for overseas.

Available sizes are very flexible.
Grab a frame in your local, and tell me how big it is!

I will ship larger size paintings in a paper tubes.
In larger sizes, one side must be shorter around 70cm, almost no limit for the other side.
And even larger sizes than it will be available with extra shipping fees.

Small13cm×18cm40USD / 55NZD
Medium21cm×30cm(A4)60USD / 80NZD
Large30cm×40cm(A3)80USD / 110NZD
Free shipping for all over the world

*Multiple pets are available for A4 or A3 size, $15 is charged for each extra pet.

Email or DM me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.
Twitter: @K3ONart / Instagram: @kakkonda.artworks / Facebook: Ayaka Kakkonda

Copy and paste to your email:
Order size:
*Please attach the photos that you wish to get in watercolour style.

Social Media Discount

I will discount 3USD/ 5NZD for each order if you will post the received painting on your social media with my credit!
Let me know if your Instagram or Twitter account to get the discount!

The post need to contain:
Instagram: @kakkonda.artworks and tag me
Twitter: A.Kakkonda(@k3onart) and #kakkondaartworks