For the better result, I would recommend you to send me main photo and some reference photos.

  • Main photo: I will use it for making the compositions. *only one photo needed.
  • Reference photos: For checking their fur colours or cropped points in main photo.

In both photos, the quality of them is good enough if they are taken for long time ago or with a little blur.
If you have only one photo, I will ask you if the colour is correct carefully so don’t be worried.

Or fortunately, you have too many photos of your babies, just send them and I will help you to choose the best one!

If you have plenty of time to take new photos, I will recommend you to take photos under natural soft sun light without any filters.
These are the best photos though, better to send reference photos as well just for in case.


Like the photos below, I can proceed your order with reference photos.


For reference photos, I just need to check some features so they don’t need to be pretty photos.